How to use a Handheld Bidet Spray?

How to use a Handheld Bidet Spray: Hello Australians! How’re you keeping up with the hygiene Down Under (pun intended)? Do you find wiping to be itchy and irritating? Or is it costing too much? We’ve got a solution for you—a Bidet Spray. Yes, you heard that right. This water spray is the solution to all your hygiene problems.

If you can use water to clean every other part of the body, then why not your bum? It’s one of the most sensitive areas and constant wiping with toilet paper can lead to irritation and rashes. Trust me you wouldn’t want that.

Water provides a soothing relief and leaves you fresh and ready for the day. Let’s see more of these benefits.

Benefits of Using a Bidet Spray

Better Hygiene: 

One of the main advantages of using water to clean your butt is the hygiene that comes with it. While toilet paper may leave residue and irritate sensitive skin, the bidet spray cleans the area properly without leaving any residue. So no risk of infections and better personal hygiene. It’s a choice you’ve to make hygiene and habit. Choose wisely.

Environmentally Friendly:

We’re no strangers to the drastic environmental changes. With that in mind, it’s our responsibility to contribute in any possible way we can. This involves incorporating sustainable practices into our lives. And this spray is your chance to contribute. It aligns with ecological measures as it reduces our reliance on toilet paper, helps to save trees, and decreases the environmental impact of paper production and waste.

Budget Friendly:

Aren’t you tired of shopping every month for toilet paper? It’s time to break yourself free from the monthly expenses of toilet paper. Invest just once in the beginning and enjoy the smooth ride of your bathroom journey of hygiene and comfort. Moreover, with their self-cleaning nozzles, these sprays can be cleaned automatically. So you don’t worry about cleaning them too.


Not only for cleaning your butt, but you can also use Handheld Bidet Sprays for other tasks, for instance watering plants, cleaning your pets, etc. It’s versatile enough and is suitable for people of all ages be it a child or an old man.

How to use a Bidet Spray?

Now that we’ve seen the benefits of using them, let’s see how can we use them for optimal cleaning and hygiene in sequential order.

Install the Spray:

The first process before you can start using it involves installation. Most of the sprays come with an easy and quick installation process. It attaches to the existing water supply and integrates beautifully with the bathroom design as if it belongs there.

Adjust the temperature (optional):

Many spray models come with the feature of adjustable temperature and pressure. Those models give you the control to set the temperature and pressure however you like. They connect to the hot water supply and you can use them to your benefit during chilly days.

Adjust yourself:

After setting the temperature and pressure according to your likes, you’ve to adjust yourself accordingly. Sit comfortably on the toilet. The bidet hose is a flexible hose that helps you reach even the complex areas and clean them. You don’t have to limit yourself as in the case of toilet paper.

Press the Handheld Bidet on:

Most of the models have a simple lever or button to turn the water spray on. All you have to do is gently press or pull the lever. The water will be released. Now about the water pressure, you can begin with the low water pressure setting and increase it gradually until you find the suitable pressure.

Clean and Dry yourself:

You need to move the handheld bidet sprayer in a controlled manner to clean the area properly. Now that you’ve cleaned it, pat dry with toilet paper or a towel. Also, some users prefer to air dry, which is also an eco-friendly option.

Maintain and Clean the Bidet Spray:

You need to regularly maintain it in order to remain hygienic and use it for a long time. Clean the nozzle periodically. Many models have self-cleaning nozzles. Read the manual instructions on cleaning and maintenance. You wouldn’t want residue buildup.

Conclusion: How to use a Handheld Bidet Spray?

If you’re still using toilet paper to clean your butt, then your hygiene is in question. The world is moving on and adapting to new trends as they come. It’s high time you also shift your hygiene game to a cleaner, greener, and budget-friendly alternative i.e. Bidet Sprays. 

Once you’ve made this shift you’ll find it difficult to go back to the toilet paper. The world is changing, when are you going to? To know more visit us: bidetaustralia

FAQS: How to use a Handheld Bidet Spray

What is a Bidey Spray?

It is a device that sprays water to clean your butt. It’s a water jet that attaches to the existing water supply and uses water to clean you after you’re done with your business. It’s designed to make your bathroom journey a comfortable one.

Are bidets legal in Australia?

Yes, they’re legal in Australia and you can freely purchase from any online or offline store.

How to clean and maintain bidets?

Cleaning and maintaining bidets is not much of a task. Many models have removable parts that can be removed and cleaned easily. Moreover, they also come with a self-cleaning nozzle. So you don’t have to worry.  

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