Why should you prefer a Bidet Seat over Toilet Paper?

Why should you prefer a Bidet Toilet Seat over Toilet Paper: Hello folks! What’s going on with your hygiene down there? Wiping must be exhausting for you. We get it! Moreover, for how long are you planning to bear its monthly expenses and unhygienic? It’s time to look for something better, something hygienic, and something on a budget.

It cleans your butt with water and science says anything cleaned with water is more hygienic and clean as compared to wiping with paper

What exactly is a Bidet?

First of all, a bidet is like a fixture that attaches to your toilet. Secondly, you use it to clean your genital or anal areas after taking a dump or peeing. It generally has a basin or bowl type of thing filled with water and has a nozzle or spray that sprays water in controlled flow on your butt.

Hygiene and cleanliness:

It offers the simple function of hygiene and cleanliness and cleans the area efficiently without having to worry about any irritation or rashes. So, instead of relying just on toilet paper for wiping, which may leave behind bacteria and residue and contribute to health issues, it’s time we made the much-required switch.

Adjust Water Pressure:

You can adjust the water pressure manually using a control dial or level. Want a thorough cleanse? Increase the pressure. Want a gentle soft cleanse? Decrease the pressure. Simple!

Versatile Nozzle:

The position of the cleansing nozzle is adjustable. So if you wish to target a specific area for cleaning, you know what you’ve to do.

Dual Nozzle System:

Do you also want to clean your genital area along with the anal one? The dual nozzle system for rear and front cleansing has got your back. This makes it perfect to use by both genders.

Self-cleaning Nozzles:

It takes proper hygiene care. With the self-cleaning nozzle feature, it prevents the accumulation of bacteria or residue. So, it’s absolutely safe to use.

Simple Installation:

They simply attach to your existing toilet bowl, so it allows a quick installation process and perfectly blends with your existing toilet.

Environmentally Friendly:

They reduce your reliance on toilet paper and contribute to a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. As we all know the harmful environmental effects of producing toilet paper. Our goal should be to use as little toilet paper as we can.


You may find the initial investment a bit much, but when you look back in the long run, you’ll understand how much it saved you by cutting the extra expenses of toilet paper. Moreover, it requires very little maintenance manually. You need not worry about maintenance either. Just sit back and enjoy.

Here’s the ‘Why’ of ‘Why should you prefer a Bidet Toilet Seat over Toilet Paper?’

Let’s talk Hygiene

First and foremost, the main goal of any bidet seat is to give you an upper hand on hygiene and cleanliness, ultimately surpassing the effectiveness of toilet paper. Additionally, doctors recommend to use water for cleaning your undercarriage. Nothing can clean anything better than water. 

A comfortable ride

These seats prioritize your comfort and convenience over anything else as they consist of a wide range of features designed to make your bathroom-going experience a comfortable one. Furthermore, did you know smart bidet seats consist of a heated seat and adjustable water temperature feature? Yes! You don’t have to face cold seats on a chilly morning anymore. 

Initial Investment:

Its initial investment may be a bit much for you, but it turns out to be cost-effective in the long run. How? It reduces your reliance on toilet paper and saves a substantial amount of money over time. In response, you don’t have to do that monthly run to the market to buy the expensive roll. It saves your annual toilet paper expenses this way and trust me it’s a lot. 

Healthy for You:

If you’ve got sensitive skin or butt-related medical conditions, then this seat is the only right option for you. What happens is that water from the bidet soothes the skin rather than being abrasive as in the case of wiping. Therefore, it reduces irritation and discomfort.

Lastly: Bidet Toilet Seat over Toilet Paper?

While bidets have long been popular in Asia, South Korea, Japan, etc, they’ve also seen a rise here in Australia. As people become aware of its underlying benefits, then they’re becoming open to the new possibilities of hygiene and savings. Lastly, we need to understand that change begins at home and we have no right to point to others if we ourselves don’t act as responsible citizens.

FAQs related to Bidet Toilet Seat over Toilet Paper

How does a bidet toilet seat work?

It attaches to your existing toilet and provides a gentle splash of water on your butt. So, when you’ve done pooping, simply turn the knob and water from the nozzle will clean your butt, removing all the dirt and residue that may be present up there.

How to clean it?

Very easily! You can use a damp cloth and just wipe down the exterior surface. Use a mild detergent for a thorough cleanse. But some parts are detachable, remove and clean them. 

Is a bidet in Australia?

Yes, it is legal in Australia and recommended for everyone.

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