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Conor Portable Bidet– the perfect travel-friendly help for your hygiene. It’s like a compact device that packs a bunch of freshness along with it wherever you go. It’s everything you need to stay fresh and hygienic during travel. 

Doesn’t matter where you are, it can turn any water bottle into a refreshing support. It is your answer to never compromising on cleanliness whether you’re on a road trip, camping under the stars, or just going through the ups and downs of daily life. The fresh flow of water during every use cleans the area thoroughly and makes you refreshed.

What is worse than running out of battery midway through the cleaning process? We’ve taken care of that. Our Portable bidet is equipped with a long battery life, that provides extended use on a single charge only. No more searching for switches everywhere. Just charge it once and enjoy the extended use.

It also saves you the struggle of finding water sources everywhere you go. It can easily attach to any water bottle and provide you with a thorough cleanse. It has a waterproof design that prevents it from water splashes and ensures its longevity. A powerful spray nozzle that cleans your genitals properly without compromising on hygiene.

Created from high-quality material, it is durable and will maintain your hygiene for a long time to come.

Our prime focus is to cancel out toilet paper entirely, even when you’re traveling. We all are no strangers to the consequences of toilet paper not only on us but also on the environment. Our Premium Portable Bidet has got you covered. 

Order yours today and experience the perfect blend of hygiene and comfort wherever life’s journey takes you.


Compact concise structure

Your handbags can easily store these portable bidets as they comprise a sleek and compact design that offers effortless portability and travel-friendliness. 

Good battery life

Don’t worry about running out of battery in the middle of the process. Its extended battery life takes care of your comfort and cleanliness during travel.

180-degree adjustable angle

It is convenient to use. You can adjust the angle according to the object and posture. No more awkward bending or positions.

Time power off

It has an excellent feature of automatic power off after 60 seconds of use. This way it can avoid the water shortage work.

Connects to any Water Bottle

This bidet consists of a connectible that can connect to any water bottle and provide you with an unstoppable flow of water during cleaning. So don’t worry about water availability, just take a water bottle and attach it to your portable bidet during travel.


The waterproof quality of our portable bidets ensures that your bidet is safe against sudden water splashes, adding more life to it and ensuring its readiness during travel. Moreover, it has a waterproof motor that provides a stable water speed, low noise, and low loss. 

Unique spray nozzle

Conor’s Portable Bidets have a unique spray nozzle design that provides a gentle spray of water to the area and cleans it thoroughly. It can be converted to 180 degrees.

High and low water modes

You can choose between the high and low water modes of this portable bidet. If you want a gentle cleanse that feels soft on the skin, you can choose the low water mode. However, if you want a thorough cleanse, opt for high water mode.

High-density alloy filter

It provides pure, physical high-filtration of impurities through the surface of a dense microporous sieve to prevent water inlet blockage.


Name: BD-05
Spray type: Vertical
Material: Silicon+ABS+PC
Color: White
Dimension: 47mm X 156mm
N.W: 0.215kg
Pore size: 0.2 X 0.2mm
Alloy material: Aluminium and Zinc
Waterproof level: IPX6

Method of Use

  1. Turning On/Off:
    • Use the “L” key to turn on the machine in low-grade working mode.
    • Use the “H” key to turn on the machine in strong working mode.
    • The bidet operates for one minute, and its intelligent automatic system turns the power off.
    • To restart, press the same key used to turn it on.
  2. 2-Step Cleaning Intensity Mode:
    • After the bidet starts working, touch the “H” key or “L” key to cycle through low-grade and strong-grade working modes.
    • “L” key activates low gear (50% intensity).
    • “H” key activates strong gear (100% intensity).
  3. Battery Replacement:
    • Rotate the battery cover knob.
    • Turn counterclockwise to open the battery cover.
    • Turn clockwise to close the battery cover.
  4. Flushing Procedure:
    • Take out the water container and fill it with water up to an appropriate height.
    • Fix the container in the body, rotating until no water leaks.
    • Turn on the outlet hose and start rinsing.
    • Adjust different angles for effective cleaning.
    • After spraying water, clean the rinser.


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Our plumbing products arе importеd from a rеliablе, world-class manufacturеrs and rеtailеrs. Our prеmium products undеrgo strict quality assurancе tеsting to еnsurе durability.

Wе providе dеdicatеd customеr support Monday through Saturday to hеlp with any product issuеs. Wе arе committеd to standing by our customеrs 100%.

First, wе will try to troublеshoot by providing instructions or guidancе via еmail or chat support. If issuеs rеmain, wе will rеquеst rеturn of thе portable bidet for rеplacеmеnt with a nеw onе sеnt to you at no additional cost. Rеplacеmеnt will bе shippеd to your homе frее of chargе.

What do we have to offer?

1. 30-Day Refund
In casе thеrе’s a changе of mind or noticе a dеfеct within 30 days, you may rеturn thе portable bidеt for a full rеfund. Our customеr sеrvicе rеprеsеntativе will procеss thе rеturn promptly to еnsurе a smooth еxpеriеncе.

2. 1-Year Warranty
Wе offеr a 1-yеar warranty covеring full rеplacеmеnt of thе portable bidеt if structural dеfеcts or lеakagе issuеs arisе, subjеct to vеrification of thе rеturnеd product.

3. Dedicated customer Service
Wе providе a support sеction which is availablе to hеlp you. A variеty of hеlp sеrvicеs arе listеd to addrеss customеr nееds. An inquiry form can also bе submittеd for any customеr sеrvicе quеstions.


1. Are bidets illegal in Australia?

Bidets are legal in Australia. However, many residents believe bidets are illegal in Australia. This is partly because their usage is still quite rare among Australians. In reality, bidets are very much legal in the country, and their usage is highly encouraged.

2. What is a bidet toilet seat?

A bidet toilet seat is a modern bathroom fixture designed to enhance personal hygiene and cleanliness after using the toilet. It replaces the conventional toilet seat and incorporates features such as water spraying and adjustable water pressure.

Highlighted information:

*Enhances personal hygiene
*Replaces traditional toilet seat
*Offers adjustable water features

3. How much water does a bidet use?

The Conor Bidet Spray uses 1/8th of a gallon or 0.5 liters of water per spray. If you don’t know what to make or think of this figure let’s compare with alternative it takes up to 37 gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper.

4. What are the benefits of using a bidet?

Using a handheld bidet eliminates excessive use of toilet paper that is beneficial for the environment and also helps cut back on money spent on toilet rolls. It is more hygienic, as it effectively cleans your bottom and reduces spread of infections. Additionally, it is recommended for pregnant women, elderly, and people with mobility issues who may face difficulty in reaching and cleaning their rear area.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Good Product by Conor

Just upgraded to Conor's O-Shape Bidet Seat. Easy installation, modern design. The dual nozzles and non-electric operation make it a practical choice. Loving the added cleanliness

Billie Eilish
Comfort and Cleanliness Combined

The Conor Dual Nozzle Non-Electric Toilet Bidet Seat offers the perfect blend of comfort and cleanliness. Installing it was a breeze, and the dual nozzles ensure a thorough and refreshing clean every time.

easy to install and quick delivery

Its very easy to install and the fast delivery
i will give 5 start for this

Ashwin Suresh

I must say that built quality is very good and you can use for long term.

Value for Money

I am using this from last 6 month it very comfortable and durable

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