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We have a solution for all your age-old conflicts in personal comfort. Handheld Bidet Spray by Conor (Silver) is like the ray of light that guides you to the path of extreme hygiene and comfort. Imagine coming home after a long tiring day. The last thing you’d want is to struggle with the toilet paper feeling uncomfortable and uneasy. 

This Bidet Spray is here for your rescue.

Consisting of a sleek and modern design, it’s like a piece of a missing puzzle that fits perfectly in your hand. 

Does the toilet paper always feel unclean? 

This is where the Silver Bidet Spray steps in. Water flows from the spray gently and cleans your butt rigorously providing a very directed cleaning. With this, you can easily target the area and get it cleansed. It leaves you feeling refreshed and active.

With its easy-to-use feature, everyone can enjoy that feeling of cleanliness and freshness, be it elderly people or children. It’s the perfect solution for everyone’s cleanliness.

Also, don’t worry about the complicated installation process. The Spray offers a quick and easy installation that seamlessly integrates with your bathroom design. 

Do you wish to adopt a healthy lifestyle that is beneficial for both you and the environment?

It’s always good to adapt to healthier and more sustainable methods. Say hi to our Bidet Spray which offers a more ecological cleansing process as compared to toilet paper. Say no to paper waste and deforestation. 

Handheld Bidet Spray by Conor  Silver is not just a bathroom accessory, it’s your path to solving daily conflicts of comfort, hygiene, and environmental responsibility. If you are willing to adopt a healthy lifestyle, it is the ideal alternative for you. Make your purchase now as it awaits to improve your bathroom experience.


Material: Stainless Steel 304
Item Length: 55mm
Item Height: 120mm
Item Weight: 40g
Color: Brushed Nickel


Enhanced Cleansing Approach

The powerful spray of water cleans your nether region gently leaving you refreshed. It provides an effective cleanliness that surpasses the traditional cleaning process of toilet paper. 

Personalized Hygiene at your footstep

Our Bidet Spray consists of an adjustable water pressure, allowing you to customize your cleaning experience. You can choose between a gentle mist and a strong stream according to your preference.

Durable and Reliable

We have created our Bidet Spray with high-quality and premium materials, including stainless steel hose and corrosion-resistant sprayer head. These materials ensure that your sprayer stays put even after repeated usage over the years. 

Versatility beyond Personal Hygiene

Our Bidet Spray has a versatile design that extends beyond cleaning your butt. You can use it to clean cloth diapers, bathing pets, watering plants, and many other everyday cleaning tasks.

Easy-going setup

Our Spray offers a quick and easy installation process without any complications that seamlessly integrates with your bathroom design. The user-friendly design makes your bathroom experience worth it.

Sustainable Cleaning Method

It gives you the chance to reduce your reliance on toilet paper and turn to more sustainable options. Toilet paper does no good to the environment leading to paper waste and deforestation. Therefore, our Bidet Spray is a more ecological alternative to switch to.

Improves Bathroom Aesthetics

The sleek and contemporary design of our Bidet Spray is thoughtfully created to effortlessly blend into your bathroom decor. The comfortable hold of it allows you to perform targeted cleansing in a particular area.


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Our plumbing products arе importеd from a rеliablе, world-class manufacturеrs and rеtailеrs. Our prеmium products undеrgo strict quality assurancе tеsting to еnsurе durability.

Wе providе dеdicatеd customеr support Monday through Saturday to hеlp with any product issuеs. Wе arе committеd to standing by our customеrs 100%.

First, wе will try to troublеshoot by providing instructions or guidancе via еmail or chat support. If issuеs rеmain, wе will rеquеst rеturn of thе bidеt spray for rеplacеmеnt with a nеw onе sеnt to you at no additional cost. Rеplacеmеnt will bе shippеd to your homе frее of chargе.

What do we have to offer?

  1. 30-Day Refund
    In casе thеrе’s a changе of mind or noticе a dеfеct within 30 days, you may rеturn thе bidеt spray for a full rеfund. Our customеr sеrvicе rеprеsеntativе will procеss thе rеturn promptly to еnsurе a smooth еxpеriеncе.
  2. 1-Year Warranty
    Wе offеr a 1-yеar warranty covеring full rеplacеmеnt of thе bidеt spray if structural dеfеcts or lеakagе issuеs arisе, subjеct to vеrification of thе rеturnеd product.
  3. Dedicated customer Service
    Wе providе a support sеction which is availablе to hеlp you. A variеty of hеlp sеrvicеs arе listеd to addrеss customеr nееds. An inquiry form can also bе submittеd for any customеr sеrvicе quеstions.


1. Are bidets illegal in Australia?

Bidets are legal in Australia. However, many residents believe bidets are illegal in Australia. This is partly because their usage is still quite rare among Australians. In reality, bidets are very much legal in the country, and their usage is highly encouraged.

2. What is a bidet toilet seat?

A bidet toilet seat is a modern bathroom fixture designed to enhance personal hygiene and cleanliness after using the toilet. It replaces the conventional toilet seat and incorporates features such as water spraying and adjustable water pressure.

Highlighted information:

*Enhances personal hygiene
*Replaces traditional toilet seat
*Offers adjustable water features

3. How much water does a bidet use?

The Conor Bidet Spray uses 1/8th of a gallon or 0.5 liters of water per spray. If you don’t know what to make or think of this figure let’s compare with alternative it takes up to 37 gallons of water to make a single roll of toilet paper.

4. What are the benefits of using a bidet?

Using a handheld bidet eliminates excessive use of toilet paper that is beneficial for the environment and also helps cut back on money spent on toilet rolls. It is more hygienic, as it effectively cleans your bottom and reduces spread of infections. Additionally, it is recommended for pregnant women, elderly, and people with mobility issues who may face difficulty in reaching and cleaning their rear area.

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